Texas Hold’em Tournaments – Learn to Accept Loosing At Poker

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It is certainly natural to hate to loose anything. However, in poker you have to accept losing, as it is a major part of the game. All poker professionals have lost many times in poker. Primarily, because this game has a winner and a looser, in multi-tables its even way worse, there are only 10% winners and the remaining 910% are losers.
It is crucial to get over this loss because it’s going to make you nervous and tilt the next time you sit at the tables. Similarly, many times it’s just inevitable sometimes. As a result, you need to have a bankroll that can handle all the blows. Eventually, luck is not always going to be such a nuisance, you can at times come across good luck which will gradually help you make up for the bad losses.
Many professionals advise new beginners to start with only playing multi-table tournaments with only spending 1%-2% of their bankroll on each tournament. Primarily, because many of those beginners will have to go through their first 5 to even 15 tournaments without making any win. Again, losing is a part of this game. Learn to accept it and try not to tilt or get nervous because of it in the next game.
After all, as many say that great players are those that handle themselves wisely when they are losing and not when they are winning. Poker is a sport, when one thing goes wrong all the rest is affected as a result. Champions rise above daily losses and look ahead for the BIG wins.